Finding a quality contractor

Finding a quality contractor seems like it should be easy right?

Like buying your next purchase off Amazon, you will spend hours going through different companies online looking through reviews and testimonials. After narrowing down your favorites you will attempt to reach out and start getting prices.

Once the reality sets in that all your research has led you down a dead end road (due to most of these awesome contractors being too busy or they are out of the price range you budgeted for) you will then reach out to your friends or put the word out on your social media that you’re in need of referral.

Referrals will come from everywhere, because everybody has a relative or buddy that knows how to throw concrete on the ground right?

”It’s just concrete, what can go wrong?” You didn’t research this question.

We won’t list all of the threats that concrete contractors face, but if uncle Larry isn’t prepared with the right man power and has an issue, would you be able to see it?

Now the questions in your mind start to go off. Is uncle Larry licensed or insured, did we have any agreement other than him saying he will do do the job for the said price?

So, here is what it boils down to. Finding legitimate contractors that care enough to protect themselves with a license, insurance their business and provide a solid agreement are the first signs that your dealing with someone that cares about the product they will be giving you.

So if I was a customer in search of a quality contractor I would ask these questions;

  1. Are you licensed? (Check if the license is valid)

  2. Are you insured?

  3. What is your payment process and is there a deposit required (if they have a legitimate process that’s a good sign)

Getting a professional estimate with detailed items and actions and asking for a signature are good signs that you’re dealing with a professional that wants to be paid for the value they will bring.

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